Sugar Rush: Carrot Cake at Amy's Bread

Sugar Rush

Your daily dose of something sweet.


I arrived post-dinner and spotted a whole uncut carrot cake at the Bleecker Street location of Amy's Bread on Friday night. A strange shiver ran down my spine. It's the same sort of tingle that occurs every time I spot a whole untouched cake. The first piece can be mine. No fear of receiving a dried out slice because it has been ages since the previous slice was cut. Sure, turnover at Amy's is quick, but there are no worries when you're dealing with a whole cake situation.

The carrot cake here is nothing short of sublime with its plush and tender crumb made moist by an abundance of shredded carrots. Generously studded with large chunks of black walnuts and enrobed in a velvety cream cheese frosting, each slice is perhaps a bit larger than one person would be advised to consume in a sitting. The best part? A light hand with sugar and emphasis on quality leaves you more than satisfied, without the toothache.

Amy's Bread

250 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014 (nr. Leroy; map) 212-675-7802

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