Don't Let Your Life Be Pupusa-less


It's hard to believe that my life was pupusa-less up until I tried one at the Red Hook ball fields last summer. During a recent visit to the ball fields, it was the first food vendor I hit (after getting a cup of horchata from another stand; I needed sweet, rice-flavored hydration right away). For $5 you get can two thick, flattened, corn dough patties—crisp on the outside, soft on the inside—filled with your choice of cheese, vegetable, or meat matter. They come with a side of crunchy pickled cabbage and you can grab as much sliced pickled jalapeño pepper as you want from a bucket on the truck's ledge. My favorite fillings were the pork and cheese—gooey and meaty at the same time—and the jalapeño and cheese—gooey with bits of spicy mixed in. Basically, anything filled with melted cheese is going to taste good. Bay Street and Clinton Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 (map)

Red Hook Vendors: A Quick Guide for the Uninitiated