Off the Beaten Path: Kathi Rolls and Chicken 65 at Delhi Heights


While strolling through Jackson Heights about a month ago I noticed that the original location of Kababish, a ramshackle kebab joint, was getting a decidedly upscale redo. With curiosity and appetite piqued, I checked back every so often to see this spot’s next incarnation. Yesterday I passed by and saw the final product: Delhi Heights. A slick-looking restaurant with a menu that goes well beyond vindaloo and korma, the new restaurant offers hundreds of items ranging from such South Indian vegetarian victuals like dosaand uthappam to fiery Indian Chinese specialties.


Rather than try to fully grasp the encyclopedic bill of fare, I focused on things not usually seen at Indian restaurants. First up was an appetizer of Chicken 65 from the Indian-Chinese section. I've read many accounts explaining the name of this dish. Frankly I don’t care whether it’s made from 65-day old birds rubbed with 65 different spices. All I know is that chunks of chicken cooked with curry leaves, mustard seeds, garlic, pepper and perhaps some 61 other ingredient are delicious. DH’s rendition was tasty if a tad too sweet.


Chicken 65 is a famous Indian snack food, so in keeping with that I got another popular Indian munchie, a Kathi roll. I have a longstanding hatred for wrap sandwiches. Turkey and avocado crammed into a rubbery flour "tortilla" just doesn't do it for me. That said the Kathi roll is the best wrap I've ever had. The chunks of spicy lamb kebab, onions and peppers rolled up into a piece of toasty naan had me wondering when someone will launch a Desi version of Chipotle.

Delhi Heights

37-66 74 Street, Jackson Heights NY 11372 (map) 718-507-1111