New Sandwich Alert: Sullivan St. Bakery's 'Panino di Tortilla Espanola'


Our love for Sullivan St. Bakery sandwiches is well documented, and I tend to stalk the place like a crazy ex-boyfriend. It helps that it's right around the corner from my apartment, and because my illness is profitable a restraining order has been unnecessary. This past Saturday my lurking uncovered their latest: the Panino di Tortilla Espanola. Essentially a Spanish omelet sandwich, it's made from taking a slice of their house-made tortilla (egg, potato, and onions baked in a pan) and topped with piquillo peppers, and arugula. The bread (which needs no further acclaim from this site) gets smeared with an egg-less Spanish style aoili. The only downside of this delicious new creation is that they are only making them sporadically. So if Sullivan St. Bakery is not on your regular food stalking route, you may want to call ahead and make sure they're selling it.

Sullivan St. Bakery

533 West 47th Street, New York NY 10036 (Tenth/Eleventh; map) 212-265-5580