Sugar Rush: Slurpees and How to Pour Them

Sugar Rush

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7-Eleven is giving out free Slurpees tomorrow in honor of it being "7-11 Day"—July 11. (Find a location near you, but call ahead, as not all are participating.)

People outside New York can stop reading this post now. You all are not Slurpee-challenged. You see, one thing I've noticed is that New Yorkers don't know how to pull a proper Slurpee.

I'm a child of the Kansas City suburbs, where 7-Elevens are at every intersection, so this stuff is second nature to me. But as I went to the 7-Eleven today to make a training video for my clueless New York friends out there, I watched as the guy ahead of me did everything wrong. First, he didn't cap his cup prepour. Then he pulled the dispenser lever slowly, guaranteeing an anemic dribble of syrup instead of a full-on rush of ice-cold Slurpness. No, no, no. I'm sure this comes from the lack of 7-Elevens in the area, but this is no excuse. After the jump, I'll teach you all how to pull a Slurpee, in pictures and video. With a (small) list of participating 7-Elevens in New York.

Cap the Cup Before You Pour


It's counterintuitive, but you actually cap an empty cup with the plastic dome lid. Then you begin your pour. The plastic dome lid has a hole that's way bigger than a straw. There's a reason—the Slurpee machine spout fits it like a docking space module. Snuggle it into the hole, and go for it.

Blast Away

Don't pull the lever slowly. You'll only get an anemic flow of Slurp syrup. New Yorkers: You are known for being bold and aggressive. Pull that lever like you mean it. Fast and hard to the left.

And keep the pull on until that dome lid fills. When you go for that free Slurpee tomorrow, you want to get all you can.

Video: How to Pull a Perfect Slurpee

Free Slurpee Locations in New York

There's a relatively small number of 7-Elevens in New York City, and is no help. Its locator function is lousy and when it does manage to spit locations back, there's no contact info. So I fired up the Googs and did some dialing. Most of the numbers went to fax machines, but here are the few I got through to and who confirmed free Slurpage tomorrow.

Brooklyn 520 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (at 13th Street, Park Slope). Free 7.11-ounce Slurpees till noon.

301 65th Street, Brooklyn NY 11220 (at Third Avenue, Bay Ridge). The guy here didn't confirm the free Slurpage until pressed. Caveat emptor.

Queens 87-16 Astoria Boulevard, Astoria NY 11102 (at 22nd Street, Astoria). This place had the most with-it manager. He stated absolutely that this location was participating and even said he had 1,000 of the special 7.11-ounce cups for the occasion.

Other Locations You Can Try Your Luck At

There are other 7-Elevens in the city that I wasn't able to get in touch with. If you live near them or pass them in the morning, you might want to try your luck.

Manhattan 345 West 42nd Street, New York NY 10036 (b/n Eighth and Ninth avenues, Times Square). This location did the fake Kwikie Mart Simpsons tie-in, so it seems pretty connected to 7-Eleven corporate (whereas others may be simply franchises). It's a good bet they'd participate, but you never know. Get there early, though, as this is a high-traffic area.

1453 Third Avenue, New York NY 10028 (at 82nd Street, UES). A fax machine answered the phone here. Try it if you want. Caveat emptor.

1594 York Avenue, New York NY 10028 (at 84th Street). DO NOT VISIT! The employee there said they were not participating.