Serious Eats Meet-Up: We Came, We Met, We Ate


Photographs by Gordon Mark

There was lots of good food, good folks, and good spirits at the Serious Eats Meet-Up yesterday at the Red Hook ball fields. Many thanks to all those brave people who ignored the foreboding weather forecast to meet up for a fine pan-Latino repast.

The vendors are now tucked into tidy food trucks. I for one missed the organic feel of the makeshift portable kitchens and the tables across from them that made eating at the ball fields feel like being invited to someone's backyard for a splendid picnic. I'm sure the trucks are now up to code, yada, yada, yada, but the experience is just not the same. But we still had a blast.

The pupusas still rocked, as did the ceviche and the agua frescas (I am partial to the watermelon and the pineapple, though I must admit I got extremely curious hearing one serious eater raving about the cashew juice). The line for the tacos and the huaraches took more than an hour to get through, but I had so much fun talking to all the serious eaters I barely noticed.

Everyone seemed curious about the chocolate-covered key lime pie pops at Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies, located less than a mile from the ball fields, so eight of us piled into Josh Ozersky's vintage Cadillac for what should have been a five or ten minute drive. The only problem is that Mr. Cutlets didn't know where Steve's was located, so we ended up parking right next to the Red Hook Fairway and hoofing it just as the rain and wind came. We persevered and ended up ordering one for everyone. It was a fine and appropriate serious eaters' finish to a really fun day.

We will certainly be doing more meet-ups in the future, so stay tuned for details. Thanks again to everyone who came out.