Minca is a Garlic Laden Ramen Explosion


20080729-minca-noodles.jpg"I don't taste much garlic in this," said Amy. I stared at my friend in disbelief as we dug into our bowls of ramen at Minca. She said...what? The pork-based broth of our basic ramens was completely saturated with garlic, maybe so much that my friend's taste buds had been shocked out of its ability to taste garlic. But I could taste it fine. And it was delicious.

Minca is my favorite ramen shop. That doesn't necessarily mean it's the best, but it caters to my desire for a gut busting mass of springy noodles bathed in a thick, salty broth. Thick like, 'I think this would solidify into a giant blob if I refrigerated it." The noodles are accompanied by bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, half of a hard boiled egg, a square of nori, chopped scallions, and the best part—slices of fatty pork that melt in your mouth like butter. I can finish off a whole bowl, despite the fact that it's probably larger than the average human stomach. Then again maybe my stomach is larger than average.


536 East 5th Street, New York NY 10009 (b/n Avenue A and Avenue B; map) 212-505-8001