E-Fu Noodles at Ping's Seafood in Chinatown


20080620-pings2.jpgThe name sliced abalone braised with e-fu noodles really get those salivary glands going, eh? Potentially yes, if you really like abalone. And while the mildly sweet and chewy abalone is my favorite mollusk, it was the e-fu noodles that had me going back for more of this dish from Ping's Seafood in Chinatown.

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It was my first time eating the long, slightly flattened egg and wheat-based e-fu noodles. My first impression was that the noodles were unappetizingly soft, but after a few more bites I realized that the texture was multifaceted—soft, but substantial enough not to easily break, light, and just a bit springy. The noodle's uniquely spongy texture is due to the use of carbonated water when making the dough. I don't usually venture into the noodle aisle at the Chinese grocery store (I tend to just eat rice), but I may have to look for e-fu noodles during my next visit.

Ping's Seafood

22 Mott Street, New York, NY 10013 (map)