Sugar Rush: The 'Philadelphia' Macaron, Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Sugar Rush

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Robyn Lee is our resident macaron expert, but even this one befuddled her a bit (and by that, I mean, grossed her out). The "Philadelphia" macaron from the Macaron Cafe in the Garment District. Yes, that is smoked salmon, and the middle is filled with cream cheese, making it a the sweetest of "bagel" sandwiches (yes those are poppy seeds topping the thing).

Only recommended for those who don't mind a little bit of smoked fishiness in their sweets. The Macaron Cafe has only made two batches, but both sold out pretty quickly, they said. You can call and order them in advance or just stop by and hope to get lucky (worse case scenario: You'll end up with one of their equally delicious but more standard macaron flavors).

Macaron Cafe

161 West 36th Street, Manhattan NY 10018 (near Seventh Avenue; map) 646-573-5048