Sugar Rush: Green Tea Cafe's Sesame Paste Dumplings

Sugar Rush

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Editor's note: I don't know how things work at your office, but around this time of day, our collective sweet tooth starts acting up at Serious Eats HQ. Enter Sugar Rush. Every afternoon, we'll point you to something sweet—as an inspiration for your sugar fix. Enjoy! I know we will. —Zach


Sesame paste dumplings, or tang yuan in Chinese, are balls of glutinous rice filled with black sesame paste. Bite through the sticky, elastic outer skin and you will be rewarded with a center of toasted nutty goo. The paste isn't very sweet, but the warm sweetened ginger-infused black tea soup makes up for it. Get your sesame paste dumpling action on at Chinatown's Green Tea Cafe, where you can also get dumplings filled with peanut or red bean paste. 45 Mott Street, New York NY 10013 (map); 212-693-2888