Chocolate Cherry Bread at Bouchon Bakery And A Few Other Items Worth Mentioning

A Saturday trip to Bouchon Bakery after squash was deliciously difficult from a weight control perspective. Here's what I found:

Chocolate Cherry Bread: I've had many good chocolate cherry breads in the past, from La Brea Bakery and Zingerman's, among others, but BB's chocolate cherry bread might be the best I've encountered. Lots of cherries and chocolate in moist, just crusty enough bread. Definite Hall of Fame French toast material.

Glazed Doughnut: I have enjoyed the filled doughnuts at Bouchon Bakery immensely and now the bakers there have branched out into glazed doughnuts. Very vanilla-ey, moist, but surprisingly dense and not feather-light by any means.

Passion-Fruit-Cream Filled Doughnut: Need I say more? Tart and sweet and delectable, but so rich and heavy each one could feed three or four.

Doughnut Holes: These are called some fancy-pants French name, but doughnut holes are what they are. And good ones at that, though I wish they were more moist.

There are Bouchon Bakeries in New York, Las Vegas, and Yountville, CA.