Kyotofu: Best NYC Cupcake and Strangely Beguiling Sweet Tofu

Signature Sweet Tofu

Kyotofu's Signature Sweet Tofu. Photograph by Tam

I finally made it to the jewel-like Japanese tofu palace Kyotofu yesterday. I had the chef's lunch dessert selection, and thought most of the offerings were more intriguing than singularly delicious. I did find its Signature Sweet Tofu, topped with kuromitsu black sugar syrup and served with a white sesame tuile, to be an oddly beguiling, satisfying creamy dessert. The insanely smooth texture of the tofu was like the best creme brulee or pot de creme you've ever had. The rest of the selections, cookies, sansho-pepper tofu cheesecake, and a yokan (a traditional Japanese sweet made of azuki beans, agar agar, and sugar that was halfway between jello and jelly, all struck me as having an acquired appeal.

But it was another item on the menu that caught my eye on the way out that totally rocked.

When I was paying my check I noticed the elegant array of baked goods. The Mini-Chocolate Cupcakes (three for $5.25) called out to me. Mindful of my newfound predilection for portion control, I asked the woman at the counter if she would sell me one. She hesitated for a moment before agreeing, and one bite into the cupcake I was sure glad she did. This chocolate souffle cupcake, unlike many others I have had, actually deserved to be called a souffle. Like all great souffles, it was simultaneously light, rich, and intensely flavored. The best chocolate cupcake in New York? I have to think about that, but it was a most excellent three or four bite cupcake.


Address: 705 Ninth Avenue (bet. 49th and 48th Sts.) New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-974-6012