Pizza Suprema: Three Different Pizza Sauces and Fresh Mozzarella to Boot


Above is a mouthwatering photo of an upside-down Sicilian pizza from Pizza Suprema taken by Slice founder and Serious Eater Adam Kuban. I've posted about Suprema before on Slice and written about it in my book Slice of Heaven, but until recently I never knew just how seriously it takes pizza.

The second generation owner prepares three different sauces, one for his regular Neapolitan slices, one for his Sicilian-style pies, and one for his fresh mozzarella pies. The fresh mozzarella is made by another family member, and having tasted it fresh and not melted, it is delicious, creamy, cow's milk mozzarella, the kind that spurts milk when you bite into it. You can order the fresh mozzarella on a regular round pie, a regular Sicilian rectangular pie, or on the aforementioned upside-down pie. One other telltale sign that Suprema is serious about pizza. It's the only food they sell. No heroes or lasagna here.

Pizza Suprema

Address: 413 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY (31st St.)
Phone: 212-594-8939