Williamsburg First Stop: Marlowe & Sons

I loved the Williamsburg food exploration my brother and I went on. Thanks for all the suggestions, which provide me with many more excuses to eat my way through Williamsburg. There was much to eat and talk about that I'm going to limit this post to Marlow & Sons. More to come later.

In general Marlow & Sons had really, really impressive baked goods and pastries. Someone with knowledge and passion, someone who knows what good is, is manning the ovens here. What did we have?

Moist, delicious apple walnut cake even better than my grandmother's

Espresso monkey bread: I'm not sure the monkey bread needed the espresso, but it was damn fine monkey bread, nonetheless. It could have been a touch more moist,

Buttery, flaky, perfect apple galette Moist, just chewy enough fruit foccaccia that reminded me of the fruit focaccia Paula Oland used to make at the old Ecce Panis back in the day. Very good but not transcendent chocolate chip cookie. Less good but still perfectly okay oatmeal raisin cookie. My brother said the capuccino was first-rate.