Hot Chocolate: the Ultimate Shopper's Respite

When and if you go shopping on the Upper West Side today consider the following hot chocolate pitstops.

Jacques Torres (Amsterdam between 73rd and 74th): No surprises here. The man knows how to make a serious cup of hot chocolate.

Fairway Cafe (Broadway between 74th and 75th): Mitchel London does know from hot chocolate. And he throws in the whipped cream for free.

Grom (Broadway between 76th and 77th): The ultra-pricey but damn delicious gelato makers from Italy now lure us in to their shop with two kinds of very serious hot chocolate, Venezuelan Dark and Milk Chocolate. A small is $5.00 and watch out when they ask if you want whipped cream. Of course you want whipped cream. Who doesn't? The next thing you know they're charging you fifty cents for the whipped cream.

If you feel like doing your own taste test with all three hot chocolates I'd love to know what how it comes out. I would say that Grom is currently my favorite.