The Best Belgian Wafel (Waffle) Maker in NYC: When They're Made to Order!

Wafels & Dinges has parked its truck outside Fairway (74th and Broadway) on Sundays, so how could I resist a Belgian waffle's siren call when I finished food shopping? I couldn't and I didn't. I had a liege and a regular with Belgian Fudge around 12:30. They were perfect pre-Giants game snacks. I was carb loading in anticipation of some heavy rooting.

The $4 Liege, described on the menu as the "other" Belgian wafel, was packed with sugar pearls and was soft, chewy, and caramely, with a nice cinammony twist. The $4 regular, described on the menu as the mother of all wafels, was light and crunchy and amazingly the Belgian fudge sauce tasted like a high quality hot fudge, smooth and not too sweet. Not surprisingly because chief wafel master Thomas Degeest said he makes it himself. The truck's hot chocolate, made with a combination of Nestle's Dark Chocolate and a Belgian mix, is too sweet and eminently skippable.

These wafels are well worth eating. In fact, they are downright delicious. They're better than Le Pain Quotidien's Liege-style Belgian waffles, which by the way are pretty tasty as well. But to make sure your waffle is up to snuff make sure they make your waffels to order. Mine were, and I am sure that's why they were so good. Serious Eater Raphael, who grew up in Belgium, had both kinds of waffel at the Wafels & Dinges truck a couple of weeks ago, and his waffels had clearly been sitting out of the waffle iron for more than a few minutes. As a result he was underwhelmed by what he ate. So even if you see a stack of already made waffels on the counter in the truck, tell Thomas or his helper you will gladly wait for a freshly made waffel. It's well worth the wait.

Note to Thomas Degeest: Upgrade the hot chocolate. Jacques Torres may not be Belgian, but he makes a very fine hot chocolate mix. Here's where to find these waffels:

Tuesday - Friday: Broadway between Spring and Prince, starting late morning till about 7pm. Saturday: Park Slope Location TBD Sunday: Upper West Side, on Broadway at 74th, right across from Fairway, starting at 10 am.