The Newest Great Bakery in New York: Trois Pommes


Well, I finally got Serious Eater Adam Kuban to stop at Trois Pommes (it's a block from his house, so I don't think it was an unreasonable request), and I have to say that Emily Isaac's bakery is already a top ten New York bakery, and it's quite possible that it could make it into my top five or even—perish the thought—my top three. And I have seriously high standards for bakeries and a bad jones for good baked goods. Serious Eaters, if you've been, let me know what you've tried.

This is what Adam brought in:

troispommes-cheesecake.jpgAn extraordinary chocolate chip scone, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.
  • A mini-pumpkin cheesecake studded with pumpkin seeds that was refreshingly unsweet
  • A moist and sticky sticky bun loaded with flavor
  • A solid if unspectacular banana bread
  • A creamy, perfect, lovely mini-quiche lorraine
  • An eminently skippable croissant

I look forward to trying many more things at Trois Pommes.

Here's a Chowhound thread that's generally quite positive.

Trois Pommes Patisserie

Address: 260 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (near Garfield Place)
Phone: 718-230-3119