Thai Restaurant Hunting This Weekend


Photograph by Robyn Lee

I recently interviewed Pichet Ong, chef-owner of P*ong and the author of The Sweet Spot, Asian-Inspired Desserts, and the subject of Thai restaurants in New York City came up.

I told him about Thai Market, which he promised to check out. We both agreed that Pam Real Thai Food was not what it once was.

Ong said he really liked Wondee Siam. I told him I stopped going to Wondee when Wondee Siam II opened (there is now a third Wondee Siam on the Upper East Side of Manhattan). He replied that, in fact, he liked Wondee Siam II most of all. Furthermore, he said that each branch of the restaurant had its own executive chef and that the menu differed at least slightly at each location.

So this weekend I am going to check out Wondee Siam II. Anybody done a complete Wondee Siam tour?

Address: 792 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10019 (b/n 52nd and 53rd streets)
Phone: 212-459-9057

Address: 813 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10019 (b/n 53rd and 54th streets)
Phone: 917-286-1726

Address: 1429 Third Avenue, New York NY 10028 (b/n 80th and 81st streets)
Phone: 212-772-1494