Daniel Boulud Settles Bias Lawsuit

According to the New York Times:

Daniel Boulud, one of New York’s most celebrated chefs, agreed yesterday to settle a federal lawsuit that accused him of discriminating against nonwhite employees, charges that have led to two years of demonstrations at his restaurant Daniel on the Upper East Side.

Along with an undisclosed financial settlement, Mr. Boulud agreed to set up standards and procedures for promotions, to be overseen by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the state attorney general's office, according to lawyers for the plaintiffs and others involved in negotiations. Busboys and runners, who take dishes from the kitchen to the dining room, will get 8 percent raises, and managers will get training in racial sensitivity.

I for one am glad this has been settled, because I'd much rather read about something Daniel has cooked than his labor practices. Actually, I'd really rather just eat something he cooked. I'm also happy that the busboys and runners will get the raises and standardized promotions practices. I've seen these folks in action, and they work their butts off in what is a high-pressure environment.