Weekend Best Bites

Here's your assignment for this weekend. Head down to the financial district. It's really cool to walk around there on the weekend. But you're not there for the sightseeing. You're there for the food:

Start with the thinnish Sicilian-style pizza at Adrienne's. Serious Eater Adam Kuban, Sliceny's founder. was on the case when Adrienne's opened, and it's still as good as ever. The crust is baked in a pan with plenty of olive oil, and I could eat it without any toppings. Adrienne's is on Old Stone Street, which is impossible to find. You'll probably have to ask ten people before you find someone who knows where it is. Come to think of it, the Wall Street area is not exactly buzzing on the weekend, so you may not find ten people to ask. So make sure you take your cell phone. Have one of the great cannolis there for dessert (they make them to order in a waffle-iron) or wander down the street to Financier Patisserie and have one of the fancy-pants French pastries. I wasn't that impressed with the ice cream they make on the premises.

Adrienne's Pizza 54 Old Stone Street (nr. Hanover Square) New York, NY 10004 Ph: 212-248-3838

Financier Patisserie 62 Old Stone Street New York, NY 10004 Ph.: 212-344-5600