We Need a Parliament of Little Owls

I was shooting a television piece at The Little Owl yesterday (yes, there are finally going to be new episodes of Reservations Required, the Ultra HD show that runs on Channel 25 in Manhattan on Fridays at 9 p.m), and I was reminded what a terrific little restaurant it is. I had this extraordinary boned crispy chicken dish served on top of a magnificent golden-brown and green pile of asparagus hash browns. I tend to avoid chicken dishes because I find most of them pretty dull, but this one goes a long way toward restoring chicken's reputation on New York menus.

Even if I can't convince you to eat the chicken, have the hash browns, which are served as a side dish on the weekend brunch (11 a.m.-4 p.m.Sat. and Sun.) menu at the Little Owl. In fact I didn't even know Little Owl served brunch, so the opportunity to have those hash browns again will supply all the impetus I need to head down there soon.

Little Owl 90 Bedford Street (Corner of Grove) New York, NY 10014 Ph: 212-741-4695