Boqueria: An Answer to Your Brunch Woes

Besides "What's your favorite restaurant," the question I'm asked most at non-food-related parties is "What's a good brunch spot that I won't have to wait on line to get in"? I call it the "Don't tell me about Sarabeth's" question.

Frankly, until this past week I had only one recommendation, Ouest, where Tom Valenti serves an astonishingly well-thought-out brunch that features the best breakfast bread basket in the city. A couple of weeks ago I made another brunch discovery.

My friend John T. Edge was in town and wanted to go to a pig-centric brunch spot. John T. lives in Oxford, Mississippi, but I must confess that he, an out-of-towner, came up with the idea of going to Boqueria.

I love the food at Boqueria, but I find it to be fairly uncomfortable and very noisy and crowded at dinner. But it turns out that the Boqueria dinner crowd hasn't discovered that Boqueria has an original, terrific brunch with plenty of porcine options. We had:

  • Revuelto de baicon: A very fine breakfast sandwich of scrambled eggs, double smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and Spanish cheese
  • Huevos escalfados: poached eggs with suckling pig hash, sweet potatoes, and rapini. I would have liked more pig and less sweet potatoes, but you probably knew that
  • Croqueta cremosas of mushroom, suckling pig, salt cod. Crisp, greaseless wonders.

Somehow I missed the side orders of patatas rotas, crushed fingerling potatoes, crisp bacon, and Macoun apples, and the double-smoked bacon à la plancha, but if they are on the menu next time I go, I'll report back.

Boqueria turned out to be my idea of brunch heaven; comfortable, easy to talk in, and pig-centric.

Address: 53 West 19th Street, New York NY 10011
Phone: 212-255-4160