Bring Back the Ricotta Fritters at Il Buco

Yesterday was the Il Buco Pig Roast.

Not only was the pig sensational (served four ways), but the event itself was an incredibly laid back and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

As a friend of mine said, "It feels like we're not even in NYC any more." In fact, it felt like we were upstate on a weekend, a nice feeling to have in the middle of a work day in Gotham.

As good as the pig was, the sheep's milk ricotta and apple fritters were even better. Cloud-like, perfectly fried fritters with a hint of tart (the apples) and tang (the ricotta) drizzled with pomegranate molasses. Delicious!

The four pig dishes served yesterday aren't on the regular menu at Il Buco, but there is a porchetta sandwich that is out of this world that I wrote about in Details Magazine in the September issue.

I asked Il Buco owner Donna Lennard if the celestial fritters were on the restaurant's dessert menu, and she said they had just taken them off.

This comes pretty close to my definition of a dessert tragedy. Please call or e-mail the restaurant ([email protected] or 212-533-1932) and ask them nicely to put the fritters back on the menu.