Fried Chicken Redux

Lots coming in from the Serious Eats community on Fried Chicken in NYC:

I myself went to Dirty Bird to Go (204 W. 14th St., 212-620-4836) on Friday and was very happy with my expensive four piece box ($10.99). The skin was crisp and dark, and the chicken itself was moist and meaty. Dirty Bird may now be ready to clean up.

One ELE reader mentioned Blue Ribbon's (97 Sullivan St. 212274-0404) fried chicken. I haven't had it in a long time, so I will try to check it out this week.

Another reader mentioned the fried chicken at the Clinton Street Baking Company (4 Clinton St. 646-602-6263) . Now that one comes out of nowhere, but I can believe it. Neil Kleinberg knows how to cook and he's a souful dude.

Of course I neglected to mention the fried chicken at the M and G Diner, 383 W. 125th St.212-864-7326. The fried chicken there is excellent, and the juke box there even better. My choices to accompany the fried chicken: Tyrone Davis' "(Can I) Change My Mind" and Brook Benton's "Rainy Night in Georgia."

Finally, Robert Sietsema in the Voice went to a trio of Brooklyn fried chicken places a month ago. He liked Ruthie's, 96 DeKalb Ave. (718-246-5189), where the chicken is properly fried to order. I wonder if it's the same Ruthie that owned a great fried chicken in Harlem for many years. He also liked Mitchell's, 617AVanderbilt Ave., 718-789-3212, where the chicken is also made from scratch. Lastly, he spoke very highly of Les', 269 Tompkins Ave. 718-783-8928.

So much fried chicken to eat, so little time.