My Top 10 New York Ice Cream Scooperies

These last few days have almost done me in. So I've been treating myself to one scoop of ice cream a day (no more, no less, given my "eat less" diet, which has me down 40 pounds). Here are my NYC faves:

1. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory: Old-fashioned American, not particularly high in butterfat, ice cream.

2. Otto cart in Washington Square Park: The cheapest way to sample Meredith Kurtzman's amazing gelato.

3. Shake Shack: I know it's a cliché, but the frozen custard here rocks, and the ice cream and shake only line is consistently short.

4. Il Laboratio de Gelato: Where Ciao Bella (see below) founder Jon Snyder now plies his trade.

5. Ciao Bella: It's still pretty damned fine, even without Snyder, especially the malted milk ball.

6. Cones: I love the fruit-based gelati and sorbetti here. Bleecker Street, just east of Seventh Avenue South.

7. Eli's: Eli is a ganef, but the man knows how to make great food.

8. Creme Cremaillere: Try the Mission Fig. Sold by the scoop at Manhattan Fruitier, 29th Street, between Park and Lex.

9. Emack & Bolio: I know they're from Boston, but the ice cream is really good.

10. Eddie's (Maspeth): For old time's sake.

Have I missed any?

Häagen-Dazs is by far my favorite mass-produced ice cream, a rare example of a formerly boutique brand that's maintained its quality standards after being bought.