Does a BLT Need the L?

It's tomato season here in the produce-challenged northeast, which for me means it's BLT season.

I am relentless in my BLT-making. Today I served my 85 year-old cousin Terry (I don't think she has a cholesterol problem) a BLT for lunch, made from two absolutely amazing heirloom tomatoes I bought at my local greenmarket yesterday, superior Nueske's bacon, Hellman's mayonnaise, a Pullman loaf (an excellent white bread with a nice chewy crust) from a local French bakery, and, yes, some baby arugula.

I only served the baby arugula in deference to my cousin Terry, who would have seen my leaving out the lettuce as unnecessarily revisionist. But over the last month or so I have been assembling "BTs" for myself, my son Will and my wife Vicky, and not once has anyone complained about the absence of the "L".


There. I said it. I feel much better now. The bacon gives you smoky, porky, slightly sweet flavor, the tomato is sweet, juicy and lends just a touch of needed acid to the sandwich, the Hellman's mayo is creamy and rich, and the Pullman loaf's crusty edge gives you the crisp crunch some would say the lettuce provides.

Am I crazy? Is this food heresy?