Which is better, a barbecued pork banh mi or a mixed Italian coldcut hero from someplace good like Faico's

The question of the day: Which is the superior sandwich, a roast pork banh mi or a mixed Italian cold cut hero? Is it just me, or has everyone fallen in love with the Vietnamese heroes called Banh Mi . When I was in Manhattan's Chinatown recently, searching for great chicken soup, I noticed a sign for Banh Mi in the window of what looked like a jewelry store. SliceNY's Adam Kuban and I walked in and ordered one roast pork and one chicken banh mih. Both sandwiches were sensational. The bread was crisp, the meat tender enough, the vegetables were spritely, and the fresh coriander in the sandwich had a lovely fragrance. If you're like me, and banh mi have taken over your sandwich life (at least when a banh mi joint is nearby) head over to:

  • Saigon Bakery
  • 138-01 Mott Street (just south of Canal) 212-941-1541