Hot Heroes for Our Times

I had a terrific 'Cueban sandwich yesterday at Blue Smoke for lunch, made with smoked instead of roast pork, and I was reminded that I had not included the "Cueban" in my New York Times Hot Heroes roundup. There were a number of other fine hot sandwiches on long rolls that I didn't have the space to write about, so my next few posts will highlight my favorites: The best fried seafood'poboys I have found in New York are at Jacque-Imo's NYC at 366 Columbus (77th Street) 212-799-0150. Decent roll, crisp, greaselessly fried seafood, and properly dressed New Orleans-style with shredded lettuce and dressing. Please note that the Jacque-Imo's To Geaux in Grand Central's subterranean food hall serves truly awful fried seafood 'po boys that have clearly not been cooked to order.