A Healthy Snack that Doesn't Suck

Returning from a series of business meetings, I found myself wandering through the food market in New York's Grand Central Station. At the Murray's Cheese shop kiosk I came across a container of Largueta Almonds. Murray's proprietor Rob Kaufelt is actually a pretty good writer, so without his permission I am reciting the copy he put on the label, because it's shockingly accurate: "There are snacks you can't stop eating that you know you really need to get the monkey off your back. There are other snacks you can't stop eating, and it's no big thing. These are those snacks: artisanally produced, toasted, lightly salted and high in Vitamin E. Good for you, so chow down." I'll tell you something else he doesn't mention; these almonds are incredibly delicious, light and crunchy and addictive. So order some. You might never reach for a Planter's peanut or a Jordan Almond again.