I'm down seventeen pounds! It's a great day.

I got on the scale with a fair amount of trepidation this morning. Last night I went to a party Gourmet threw for its 65th birthday at the new Morimoto at Tenth Avenue and 16th Street.

The place is completely over the top, with white gauze-like ceilings and all kinds of nutty design touches that I'll get into in another post. But great food was flowing like bottled water at one of those restaurants where they keep opening and pouring the designer H2O to get your check up;

Duck three ways on a foie gras croissant, tuna tartare laid out like a painting on a canvass, tons of sushi, kobe beef teriyaki. You get the picture. I had decided to eat dinner at this party and I tried to keep a lid on my eating. I thought I had succeeded pretty well, but I wasn't sure. It's hard to really know what you have consumed when it's all flying by you when you're standing and socializing.

So when I got on the scale and it had me down four pounds from last week I didn't believe it.

So I got off my digital scale, cleared the display, and weighed myself again. Same result!

I have now lost 17 pounds, and my goal was to lose at least 16 pounds by my birthday, which is Friday the 27th of January.

I feel particularly gratified because I have managed to lose weight during Thanksgiving and the holiday season, and while I have been doing my foodie thing judging two Iron Chef shows, writing a story for the Times which requires me to eat a fair amount of food.

I only hope my weight this morning wasn't one of those cruel aberrations you experience when you are on a diet, where you lose a lot of weight one week only to put it back on the next time you weigh yourself.