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Why the Crowds Come for Brunch at Fort Greene's Walter's

On a quaint corner of Fort Greene Park sits the friendly neighborhood frrestaurantiendly Walter's. The sister restaurant to Williamburg's Walter Foods, Walter's serves similar seasonal fare that made the original so beloved. Chef Josh Goldstein doesn't disappoint with brunch, offering tasty alternatives to the usual eggy brunch dishes. More

Is The NoMad's $26 Brunch Chicken Sandwich Worth It?

When I heard that The NoMad was offering a sandwiched version of their incredible chicken—foie gras, truffles, brioche, and all—on their brunch menu for only $26, I suddenly thought to myself, hey, now I can finally afford to eat Daniel Humm's roast chicken whenever the mood strikes, before my line of thought stopped with a big mental record-scratch: wait a minute. That's a $26 chicken sandwich. Could it possibly be worth the price? I saw it as my duty to find out. More

The Brunch Dish: Brunch in a Cup at SCRATCHbread in Bed-Stuy

When I first heard about SCRATCHbread's "brunch in a cup," I have to admit that my brain did a few rather skeptical somersaults. But then again, it didn't hurt that the weather has been particularly fine, or that founder Matthew Tilden named this novel concept STOOPbrunch, implying that his creations are meant to be consumed while sitting outside, basking in the sun. At $5, it certainly seemed well worth investigating. I picked up all three daily specials at the bakery's window in Bed-Stuy this Sunday (for roughly the same amount of money that I would normally spend on a single sit-down brunch), and I can confidently report that these messy paper cup-fulls of hearty brunch servings are not only a steal—they kind of blew my mind. More

The Brunch Dish: The Little Owl

When Ed waxed poetic about The Little Owl's fancy-pants cheeseburger, most of us listened up. But there is more to be had at Joey Campanaro's charming West Village outpost than one ridiculously good burger. If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood on a sunny Saturday morning, do yourself a favor and stop in. The food here is every bit as warm and delightful as the intimate setting, and at 10:30 AM your chances of snagging a coveted table in this 28 person dining room are as high as they'll ever be. More

The Brunch Dish: Saxon + Parole

Saxon + Parole gets packed at night; the crowds come for cocktails and the juicy egg-topped burger. But when we arrived early on a Saturday morning to check out their new brunch, the room was calm and bright, with plenty of tables available. I predict that won't last long; there are lots of delicious morning bites here. More

The Brunch Dish: Chorizo Corncakes at Lodge, Williamsburg

I dig the urban ski chalet vibe of Lodge; they have great natural light, excellent people watching, and a dependably stellar soundtrack (The Kinks, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra all got airtime on my most recent visit). I also like their brunch dishes, which are classic enough to be comfort food but suggest a thoughtfulness in both selection and execution. Their two-for-one bloody mary and mimosa special ($7) doesn't hurt either. More

The Brunch Dish: Pork, Garlic, Kale Omelet at Applewood in Park Slope

Omelets are rarely the most exciting thing on a brunch menu, but at Applewood in Park Slope, they might be. The menu changes often, but on a recent visit, the options included a vegetable omelet forgoing the usual suspects in favor of eggplant, roasted cherry tomatoes, and rainbow chard ($12); one with seared day boat scallops ($15); and one with pork, kale, and roasted garlic ($14). More

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