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Kaia Wine Bar: A Fine New Neighborhood Spot in Yorkville

My wife lived in Yorkville for a couple of years back before we were married, and one of our biggest complaints about the neighborhood was its lack of really great, casual-yet-romantic food and beverage options. Sure, there's Cavatappo, a fine little wine bar on 90th and 2nd, and a couple of cute South American restaurants like Pio Pio and Gauchas with candlelight and decent by-the-glass wines, but we never felt like regulars at any of them, if only because Cavatappo was always crowded (and tiny), and we're not always in the mood for hunks of South American grilled meat, however tasty it was. If we'd stuck around we might have finally found it with Kaia, a new wine bar with an interesting South African bent. More

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