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15 Great Late Night Bites on the Lower East Side

In the Midnight Hour Lily Wong 3 comments

The Lower East Side has no shortage of booze-spongey food open late on the cheap. But some bites are better than others, worth a special trip no matter the hour. From hero sandwiches and corner slices to meatballs and steamed crab legs, here are 15 ways to eat well after after dark on the LES. More

18 Great Chicken Sandwiches in NYC

Molly Goldman 15 comments

A really good chicken sandwich can be hard to find; so many are dry or stringy or downright boring. But great chicken—juicy, flavorful, maybe with some crisp skin in the mix—is perfect sandwich fodder. You can't really beat fried chicken on a bun, but it's just as good grilled and stacked with avocado, roasted and slicked with fat...or, well, we'll let this list of chicken sandwich stars speak for itself. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Howling at Wolfnights

A Sandwich a Day Lauren Rothman Post a comment

This isn't your average chicken wrap. For starters: melon and fried pickles. More

A Sandwich a Day: Carnivore's Delight at Wolfnights

A Sandwich a Day Lauren Rothman Post a comment

We were intrigued by the description of the Carnivore's Delight ($8.95), which boasted meatballs, a sunny-side up egg, and sumac onions wrapped up in a delectable-sounding date and pumpkin seed flatbread. More

The Wolf Attack at Wolfnights: A 20-Ounce Late-Night Monster Snack for $6

Lauren Rothman 4 comments

Upon opening the to-go box at Serious Eats HQ we quickly realized that were in over our heads. These are tots for the most extreme late-night indulgences, preferably when you're more than a few drinks ahead of yourself. How to describe this thing? For starters, it's an enormous amount of food. We were struck by how heavy it was, so we decided to weigh it. It's One pound, four ounces. That's right, folks. That means that for each dollar you pay, you're getting 3.33 ounces of greasy, meaty, potato tot love—not too shabby. More

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