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The Best Bites at The Clam, Mike Price and Joey Campanaro's West Village Restaurant

There are plenty of things to love about The Clam, Mike Price and Joey Campanaro's new shellfish-centric seafood restaurant in the West Village . The menu can be a little perplexing in both format and conceit (is this upscale seafood shack food, or is it New American market-driven? Can it be both?), but there are good bites to be had amidst the confusion. Here's what to order. More

Chef Jody Willams Doubles Down With Buvette

Chef Jody Williams opened Buvette in Greenwich Village around four years ago, and let the momentum slowly build to the packed nightly frenzy she entertains now. Her recently opened Paris Buvette was much more immediately received, and now pond-hoppers get to enjoy her all-day atmosphere and French inspired menu no matter the hour. She filled us in on how she makes it all happen. More

Where to Eat Near NYC's High Line (Our Updated Guide)

Since our last High Line guide came out, the popular elevated park and surrounding area have seen some interesting food-related developments. In addition to various restaurant openings in Chelsea and the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Market has seen some interesting new offerings, and vendors have started selling food on the High Line itself. So where should you eat while walking the High Line? With the Meatpacking District on one end and Chelsea on the other, you've got options. Here are our picks. More

Joe Dobias' Favorite Restaurants in the West Village

Although Joe Dobias lives in the West Village, where there are plenty of trendy restaurants, the chef is all about mom-and-pop places. He and his wife, Jill, who live next to Carbone, spend most of their time at their latest restaurant Joe and Misses Doe, but they still make it to some of their favorites in the Village. While the chef, who's far from shy from expressing his opinion, says that smaller restaurants are less common these days, there are plenty of good ones mixed with others that have been around forever. Here are some of this favorites. More

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