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Videos: Eating Goats to Save Them and Treating Bones Like the Gold of an Animal

Hally Wolhandler 3 comments

Our buddy Liza de Guia has two new videos worth a look: the story of No Goat Left Behind, a campaign to increase demand for goat meat so male goats aren't killed at birth; and a peek into Brooklyn Boullion and their farm to jar sauce bases. More

Video: Gefilteria Makes Small-Batch, Sustainable Gefilte Fish

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

With Rosh Hashanah ahead, the Gefilteria has been busy making kosher gefilte fish. Revile the gray, bleak-looking fish patties you may but this Brooklyn-based company uses ground whitefish, pike, and salmon instead of the more traditional, and much less sustainable, carp. More

Video: Vendy Award Finalists Cinnamon Snail and Piaztlan Authentic Mexican Food

Max Falkowitz 2 comments

The 8th Annual Vendy Awards are almost here, landing on Governor's Island on September 15th for a day of celebrating New York's street vendors—and stuffing ourselves silly on some of the best street food the city has to offer. All week we'll be posting videos made about the finalists, starting with Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck and Red Hook Vendor Piaztlan Authentic Mexican Food Truck. More

Video: Kasadela Izakaya's Chicken Wings

Will Gibney 1 comment

Chicken wings are pure comfort food, but Kasadela Izakaya's wings hardly soothe. They're packed with garlic and black pepper and carry serious bite. Learn more about them on this episode of Food Curated. More

Video: Behind the Cote de Boeuf at Abe & Arthur's

Jessica Leibowitz 13 comments

Let's preemptively kick off the summer with a mouthwatering inspiration known as the cote de boeuf. A lot of love (and butter) goes into the 40 ounce ribeye, and we're all the happier for it. It's admittedly not standard Memorial Day weekend barbecue fare—it's aged for 28 days and is cooked in four stages: in an infrared 1,700 °F salamander, a regular oven, and a clarified butter bath. More

Video: Serious Eats Makes Dim Sum at Buddakan

Jessica Leibowitz 4 comments

Edamame dumplings and Cantonese spring rolls: breakfast of champions? Yes, and it's called dim sum. More and more frequently, traces of dim sum can be found in dinner menus throughout the US, and we're not complaining. In fact, we recently snuck into a restaurant kitchen to see how the small dishes are made. Carey Jones even made some dim sum herself, under the careful guidance of Chef Yang Huang of Buddakan. More

Video: Serious Eats Cooks Peking Duck At Buddakan

Jessica Leibowitz 16 comments

Ever made a traditional Peking duck? Turns out it's a pretty involved process, requiring not only multiple steps but multiple days, cooking apparatuses, and spices. The end result: an incredibly crispy, juicy bird that's seriously delicious. Come along with Serious Eats's own Carey Jones as she learns how to make Peking Duck. Chef Brian Ray of Buddakan gives us the grand tour. More

Video: Egg Restaurant's Vegetable Farm in Upstate New York

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

Egg is a little restaurant in Williamsburg that started as a Southern brekkie spot (hello, artisan scrapple) then eventually added lunch and dinner service, and now has a six-acre farm upstate. Chef George Weld didn't want to replace the farmers he'd been working with already, he just wanted to understand the food system better. While the restaurant started out pretty pork-crazy, they're now more veggie-driven. More

Video: Behind the Scenes at Arirang Kimchi

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

"Artisan, hand-made kimchi, straight out of your mom's kitchen.. except this really is my mom's kitchen," says Vicky Oh, general manager of Arirang Kimchi. In the latest Food Curated video from Liza de Guia, we meet Vicky and her mom Kyung Oh, who started experimenting with kimchi recipes about 30 years ago when she moved to the United States from Korea on her honeymoon. More

Video: Behind the Scenes at a Slaughterhouse in Upstate NY

Erin Zimmer 9 comments

For one of her the latest Food Curated videos, Liza de Guia spent two days in Hartwick, New York, with Larry Althiser, the owner and head meat cutter for Larry's Custom Meats. "It's a story I wanted to tell, a good story about a proud butcher open to teaching his trade," said de Guia, even though she was a little jittery the night before the shoot. "Slaughterhouses must exist...but there's a right and wrong way to do it." More

Video: Bar Snacks Get a Makeover in Brooklyn

Erin Zimmer 6 comments

"Packaged of unshelled sunflower seeds. C'mon bars, gross. And boring!" says Agatha Kulaga of Ovenly, a creative kitchen in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. Agatha and her friend Erin Patinkin started the company about a year ago after being fed up with the predictable freebie bar munchies. They've crafted their own playful takes, like "the ultimate beer nut," a medley of peanuts, Worcestershire sauce, Old Bay, and bacon fat. They're really into bacon fat. More

Video: Bison Farming on Long Island

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

In the latest video from Food Curated, Liza de Guia meets Ed Tuccio, a farmer on the North Fork of Long Island who's been raising bison for over 30 years. He's part of a small movement of passionate farmers working to bring bison back. It's actually not a bad time to be a bison farmer. There's a growing demand for the meat and prices have doubled. After this taping, Liza polished off a bison burger and walked away thinking, why don't I eat this more often? More

Video: Georgian Cheese Bread in Brighton Beach

Robyn Lee 10 comments

Take a big lump of cheese mixed with egg and butter, wrap it in dough, flatten it down, and bake. Sound good? Then get yourself to your closest purveyor of the Georgian cheese-stuffed bread khachapuri. In this video from CHOW, you can see how khachapuri is made at hole-in-the-wall bakery Georgian Bread in Brighton Beach. More

Video: The Next Big Small Brand Finalists

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

In the latest videos from Food Curated, Liza de Guia profiles the visionary entrepreneurs who were selected as finalists for this year's Next Big Small Brand Contest, which spotlights passionate folks launching mini-but-growing businesses. They include a cookie dough-maker, paleta enthusiast, two chocolate czarinas, a charcuterie dude, and chutney artist. Watch all of their videos and get that warm, tingly inspired feeling inside. More

Video: Behind the Scenes at Robicelli's Cupcakes

Robyn Lee 5 comments

Husband-and-wife team Matt and Allison Robicelli started Robicelli's Cupcakes about a year ago when business at their gourmet food store wasn't doing so well. But what did sell well were their cupcakes—up to 600 a day. They set themselves apart from New York City's other cupcake makers by offering a constantly changing menu of unique flavors—their current menu includes Sour Apple, Butternut Spice, and Tiramisu. Learn more about Robicelli's cupcakes in the latest episode of Food Curated from documentarian Liza de Guia. More

Video: Making Perfect Ribs with Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Erin Zimmer 9 comments

We like watching ribs-related videos, but we like them even more when our former SE intern Katie Quinn is in them! Now a web producer for the TODAY show, Katie talked to John Stage, the founder and owner of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, about how to make perfect low-smoked barbecue ribs. Start with a good piece of meat, get the fire real good and hot, spice the meat slab, then wait, wait some more, and—well, you may not agree with this part—sauce them up right before they're taken off the grill. "My Texan friends, I argue all the time with them about sauce versus no sauce. But I like sauce on it. I'll defend sauce to the end," said Stage. So, what side are you on? Watch the video and decide. More

Video: Behind the Scenes at Rockaway Taco in Queens

Robyn Lee 1 comment

At Rockaway Beach in Queens, you can go surfing and swimming, and get great food thanks to Rockaway Taco. This video by The Selby follows a day in the life of Rockaway Taco's chef Andrew Field as tends to his rooftop beehives, sets up the kitchen, checks into the neighboring coffee shop and local produce market, and, of course, surfs. More

Videos: Meeting the 2010 Vendy Awards Finalists

Erin Zimmer 5 comments

It's a big day for street food lovers. The 2010 Vendy Awards finalists have been announced! Liza de Guia of Food Curated introduces us to all five in these wonderful videos. Let's have a watch. Warning: You may crave falafel, arepas, schnitzel, lamb over couscous, and/or chalupas upon doing so. More

Video: The Red Hook Food Vendors

Adam Kuban 1 comment

One of our favorite filmmakers, Liza DeGuia of Food Curated, just dropped another great video today — this one on the food vendor scene in Brooklyn's Red Hood neighborhood. The vendors originally sprang up some 40 years ago to serve area Latinos who came out on weekends to play soccer and baseball on the numerous fields there. Through the years, the vendors have gained citywide renown and now folks from all over NYC's five boroughs make the trek on weekends to eat food from trucks representing various Latin-American nations. More

Video: The Story Behind Mast Brothers Chocolate

Robyn Lee 5 comments

Learn about Brooklyn-based artisanal chocolate makers Mast Brothers and get a look behind the scenes of their factory in this beautifully shot video from The Scout. Flowing streams of chocolate, bulging bags of cacao beans, and beard nets await! More

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