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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Ice Creams in NYC

The Serious Eats Team 9 comments

As National Ice Cream Month draws to a close this week, we'd like to leave our readers with one last icy, creamy, and delicious gift. Here are the SE staffers' favorite ice creams in NYC (although some of us had a hard time deciding on just one). More

7 Great Places for Soft-Serve in NYC

Carey Jones 3 comments

If given a choice between soft-serve and regular ice cream, I'd take soft-serve in a second. I'm crazy for its airy-light texture, how it's always perfectly lick-off-the-cone-able. And New York happens to be an excellent place for soft-serve, ranging from treats as simple as Mr. Softee to as complex as coconut soy milk soft-serve or goat's milk orange blossom. Come see 7 of our favorites in the city! More

Daily Scoop: Mahlab-Mastic and Chocolate-Chocolate Mint Soft Serve at Victory Garden

Max Falkowitz 8 comments

A relative newcomer to New York's best ice cream neighborhood, Victory Garden has received no shortage of favorable press for its crisp, light goat milk soft serve. I love it for that, but I'm more intrigued by the Turkish owner's creative flavor, which borrow ingredients from the Eastern Mediterranean you don't often see around here. More

NYC's Best Ice Cream Neighborhood: A West Village Ice Cream Crawl

Carey Jones 8 comments

We have a working theory at Serious Eats that the West Village is the best single neighborhood in New York for ice cream and gelato. Between the phenomenal gelaterie Grom and L'Arte, the crazy goat's milk soft-serve at Victory Garden, and unbelievable ice cream, gelato, and soft-serve on restaurants' dessert menus, the West Village would be our choice for an ice cream crawl that covers barely more than a few blocks—but gets you some of the best frozen treats in the city. More

Sugar Rush: Chia Seed Parfait at Victory Garden

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

Next time a tapioca pudding craving hits, consider stopping by Victory Garden on Carmine Street. Here they do a Chia Seed Parfait, where hydrated chia seeds take the place of tapioca balls and cashew milk replaces the usual whole milk. More

5 Non-Traditional Soft-Serve Spots We Love

Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

Here are five unique soft-serve spots we love; let us know if we've missed yours! More

Our Top 10 Ice Cream and Gelato Spots in NYC This Summer

Kathy YL Chan 9 comments

Summer is here to stay, and while you may be tempted to huddle inside in the air conditioning, it's worth stepping out into the city for one of these frozen treats. Ice cream, gelato, soft-serve; it's hard to say which we like more. So we rounded up our favorite scoops, swirls, and (ice cream) sandwiches in New York City: some old friends, and some new favorites. More

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