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Venezuelan Arepas at El Aripo Café

Ida Yu 2 comments

El Aripo Café is a tiny (read: 12 seats), nondescript arepa joint cranking out satisfying arepas with traditional flavors. They're all made from dense corn dough patties that remain moist on the inside but pick up a toasty golden crust outside after being griddled. And unlike some other arepas we've tried in the past, the corn dough bears a faint but unmistakable flavor of corn, an ideal flavor backdrop for all of the fillings. More

We Eat Every Arepa at Caracas Arepa Bar

The Serious Eats Team 11 comments

There are twelve arepas on the menu at Caracas Arepa Bar, and a number of sides all fighting for your attention. Which are the best at this East Village and Williamsburg favorite? We ate them all to find out. More

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