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Kenji's Top 10 Vegan Bites in Manhattan

This year during The Vegan Experience, I focussed almost exclusively on recipes. I'm proud of them, but it did mean that I had very few opportunities to go out and eat. I tried to make the best of it when I did, and with that in mind, here are my ten favorite vegan bites and restaurants in Manhattan. More

Kajitsu Slips with New Chef, New Location; Still Best Vegan Meal in New York

A little over a year ago I wrote about the meal I had at Kajitsu. Based on the principles of shojin-ryori—Japanese Buddhist monk cuisine—it started out as an attempt to find a halfway decent vegan restaurant in New York. It turned out to be not just decent, but indeed the best, most memorable meal I had all of last year. It was the kind of restaurant that you could easily bring a meat-eating friend to and not worry that they will be missing anything, so complex, interesting, and vibrant are the courses.

Since then, the restaurant has undergone a few major overhauls. There's a new location and a new chef, and if Kajitsu 2.0 doesn't quite meet the standards of its predecessor, it's far from a disappointment. More

The Vegetarian Option: Spring Street Natural

Lunch is the best time to eat at Spring Street Natural in Soho. You can grab a seat near one of the large windows that line the dining room and watch the busy intersection of Spring and Lafayette Streets. You can also enjoy some of their lunch-only specials, which include several vegetarian and even vegan options. More

Lunch Today: Good Vegan Cuisine at Wild Ginger

I've made my stance on faux meat pretty clear in the past (hint: I don't like it) and I've never been to a Pan Asian restaurant I've liked. This made my choice of Wild Ginger, a vegan, pro-faux restaurant serving such enticing-sounding dishes as General Tsao's Soy Protein and Tofu Teriyaki Sizzling Platter a little suspect. What was I thinking? Luckily, turns out that amidst all that nonsense, there are some actually tasty lunch options. More

Exceptional Shojin-ryori at Kajitsu in the East Village

Shojin-ryori, the predecessor to kaiseki cuisine devised centuries ago by Buddhist monks (and the basis for the food served at Kajitsu) has been a purely vegan cuisine from its outset. There are no wizard-like attempts to transform vegetables into meat-like products, no culinary mimicry, rather It's a cuisine that celebrates vegetables in all of their diverse glory. Kajitsu practices this tradition exceptionally well. More

OMilk NYC, Vegan Almond and Cashew Milks

It took a few juice cleanses—in which a cashew or almond milk is your last "juice" of the day—to get us hooked on nut milks. (When that's your only source of fat and protein for 72 hours, you really crave it. Like you've never craved anything before.) But even once back on solid food, we found ourselves missing those rich, nutty drinkables. So we were pretty jazzed to hear about OMilkNYC, delivering their vegan almond and cashew milks in New York. More

The Vegetarian Option: Terri

When I first became a vegetarian, when I wanted a fast food fix I headed to McDonalds and ordered the double cheeseburger meal without the burger. This was way back in the day, before they offered a veggie burger on their menu. Thankfully I don't have this craving any more, but occasionally I still want a good sandwich and I want it quickly. Terri is a sandwich shop in Chelsea that serves not just vegetarian but vegan sandwiches, along with salads and juices, for the on-the-go lunch crowd. More

Where to Eat Vegan in New York

There was a time, during my high school years in California, when my little brother Greg was my copilot for weekend In-N-Out Burger trips; I'd get a plain ol' cheeseburger, and he'd be the one ordering a Triple-Triple. But he's been a vegan for five years now. And when I plan our NYC eating adventures, it's always a bit of a challenge; where can I take him where we'll all be happy, meat-eaters and meat-free? Here are a few of my favorite spots to hit. More

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