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A Sandwich a Day: Doubles at Ali's Trinidad Roti Shop

Not to be confused with the other two inferior Ali's Roti Shops in Brooklyn, Ali's Trinidad & Tobago Roti Deli Grocery in Bed-Stuy serves what are probably the best doubles ($1.25) this side of Trinidad. For a quarter of the cost of a Di Fara slice, you get a sweet and spicy chickpea curry that's flavored with tamarind and sandwiched between two disks of turmeric-scented deep-fried, naan-like bread known as "bara." More

More Doubles in Brooklyn

Photo: Brokelyn Yesterday, our Joe DiStefano wrote about the Trinidadian sandwiches called doubles, "two fried pieces of bara bread stuffed with channa, or curried chick peas." Brooklyn food blog Brokelyn has three suggestions in Bed-Stuy: A&A Bake and Doubles, Ali's... More

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