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25 Mexican Tortas and Cemitas We Love in NYC

It's hard not to love the Mexican sandwiches we get in New York: versions overstuffed with avocado and refried beans or slender but robust meat delivery vehicles; cemitas on poofy buns or griddled tortas with crisped Portuguese rolls. To add you on your own journey to Mexican sandwich self-discovery, we've rounded up 24 of our favorites from across the city. More

Mexican Eats: Puebla Mini Market, the Häagen Dazs of Tortas

Like a grand marquee announcing the latest blockbuster, the multicolored sign "TORTAS" of Puebla Mini Market can be read two blocks away. Puebla Mini Market is an orderly shop in Sunset Park: part bodega, part torta cart, but first and foremost a juice stand. Most customers shoot past the juice stand and beeline for the back, where the famous double-sided plancha (basically a panini press) squashes overloaded sandwiches into tight, well-toasted packages. This unique sandwich shop was created by Don Pepe, the creator of thirty-three (and counting) styles of torta, which you can peruse from a well-lit photographed line-up overhead. More

A Sandwich A Day: Egg and Chorizo Torta from Real Azteca, The Bronx

Down in the South Bronx, quality neighborhood Dominican and Puerto Rican joints are a dime-a-dozen; taquerias are less common, but becoming increasingly so. In Hunt's Point, there's Real Azteca, its colorful room a pleasant escape from the drab streets outside. While the tacos, served on homemade tortillas, are excellent, their plus-sized tortas ($6-7) are equally worth a visit. More

A Sandwich a Day: Breakfast Torta at Fast and Fresh Burrito Deli

Boerum Hill's standby for Mexican standards, Fast and Fresh Burrito Deli is not quite in the same league as the taquerias of Sunset Park, but it's nothing to scoff at if you need a serviceable torta or a pair of tacos in a pinch. The deli's breakfast tortas ($3.50 each, $4 after 11:00 a.m.) make for an particularly good meal on the go, offering a few options for mixing and matching. More

A Sandwich a Day: Hawallan Tortas at Puebla Mini Mart

The Hawallan torta at Puebla Mini Mart takes its tropical name from a thick slice of grilled pineapple that lies within the center of this massive sandwich. It's surrounded by slices of griddled ham, spicy carne enchilada, quesillo (think Mexican string cheese), refried beans, chipotles in adobo, tomatoes, onions, avocado, and pickled jalapeño all stuffed into a soft bollilo roll and pressed until warm and crisp. More

Sunday Sound Bite: Los Dados

Pork torta at Los Dados: Imagine a sandwich of the tenderest shards of roast pork, lettuce, avocado, queso blanco, mayo, refried beans, pickled onion, and a serrano pepper, all on a soft roll with just a tiny bit of chew.... More

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