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Ditmas Park's Cafe Tibet is Cheap, Delicious, Vegetarian-Friendly

The Vegetarian Option Lauren Rothman 1 comment

Everything about Café Tibet feels just right, from its location nestled right between the Q train tracks and a bodega where you can pick up beers to accompany your meal, to its friendly but unobtrusive service, and low, low prices. And then there's the food: a veritable delight for vegetarians, who can take a romp through a spicy, diverse menu full of meat-free pleasures. More

Slurped: The Broth is the Thing at Phayul in Jackson Heights

Chichi Wang Post a comment

This week's noodle reporting took me to Phayul in Jackson Heights, a Tibetan restaurant on the corner of 37th road, on the second floor of a building on top of a beauty parlor and a kebab joint. Though Phayul has many noodle dishes, the real kicker is the broth. More

A Himalayan Dish a Day: Shoko sil sil ngoe ma at Phayul

Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler 1 comment

Shoko sil sil ngoe ma shows the trouble that comes from confusing humble with meek. It's the Tibetan food equivalent of going from 0 to 80 in no seconds flat. More

Joe DiStefano's Himalayan Heights: Touring Tibetan and Nepali Food in Queens

Max Falkowitz 1 comment

The once solely Indian section of Jackson Heights, Queens, has become a hotbed of Himalayan food and culture over the past several years. We had our friend Joe DiStefano show us some of his favorite bites of the neighborhood. Come take a look at our tour. More

A Himalayan Dish a Day: Tingmo at Tashi Delek Momo Palace

Max Falkowitz Post a comment

As important to Himalayan food as sliced bread is to Americans, fluffy steamed tingmo is the best starch to soak up the curry-like sauces and pungent pickles of Tibetan and Nepali cooking. More

A Himalayan Dish a Day: Cheura Tareko ('Beaten Rice') at Himalayan Yak

Rebecca Simon Post a comment

This kid-friendly "beaten rice" dish has a spicy undertones and a salty kick that makes polishing off this plate a breeze. More

A Himalayan Dish a Day: Momos from Norling Tibetan Kitchen

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

There's no shortage of momos in Jackson Heights, but these big ones are some of our favorites. More

Eating All The Momos in Jackson Heights

Chris E. Crowley 7 comments

There are over a dozen Himalayan places to get momos in Jackson Heights. We recently went on a crawl to try them all. More

Kids Welcome: Himalayan Yak

Kids Welcome Aya Tanaka 1 comment

The Himalayan Yak's staff was very attentive to my daughter and smilingly guided us through the long menu. The restaurant is large and comfortable (they also have live music Friday through Monday) and a good place to introduce kids to Himalayan fare at very reasonable prices (the highest priced item on the menu are prawns at $12.99). More

Where To Get Momos (Tibetan Dumplings) in Queens

Sara Markel-Gonzalez 19 comments

Momos. There are suddenly so many places to find these delicious dumplings in Queens. In my research I came across more than a dozen restaurants, cafes and shops that sell this Tibetan and Nepalese treat. I would have liked... More

The Vegetarian Option: Tsampa

The Vegetarian Option Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

[Photographs: Maggie Hoffman] Tsampa 212 East 9th Street (near 3rd Ave; map); (212) 614-3226‎; menu Cuisine: Tibetan Veggie Options: about 8 appetizers, 9 main courses Cost: About $15/person before drinks The East Village may be one of Manhattan's most culinarily... More

Nepalese and Tibetan at Thakali Kitchen in Jackson Heights

Carey Jones Post a comment

[Bionic Bites] Our contributor Tia Kim heads out to Jackson Heights for a Nepalese/Tibetan meal at Thakali Kitchen: momos, bitter fried karela melons, and stir-fried goat—plus jalebis at Maharaja for dessert. Check out her gorgeous pics over at Bionic... More

Off the Beaten Path: Finding a Bit of Kathmandu at Merit Farms

Joe DiStefano Post a comment

Merit Farms might just be one of the strangest eateries in Jackson Heights. Despite the name it’s not a farm-to-table type place, though I’ll bet it was once an old-school greengrocer. For years I passed by the storefront display... More

Off the Beaten Path: Himalayan Yak Makes a Comeback

Joe DiStefano 4 comments

Ask most well-rounded ethnic eaters about Tibetan food and the one item that usually comes up is momo, the beef dumplings that are the country's national dish. It's almost impossible to imagine entering a Tibetan restaurant and not ordering... More

Mo’ Better Beef Tripe at Shangrila Express Tibetan Cart

Joe DiStefano Post a comment

Off the Beaten Path with Joe DiStefano at this Jackson Heights Tibetan Street Cart More

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