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30 Great Vegetarian Sandwiches in NYC

Hally Wolhandler 14 comments

Vegetables can be incredibly tasty when done right, and yet when most people go out to eat, they tend not to order a vegetarian dish unless they're, well, a vegetarian. Here are 30 examples to make you reconsider. More

18 Great Chicken Sandwiches in NYC

Molly Goldman 15 comments

A really good chicken sandwich can be hard to find; so many are dry or stringy or downright boring. But great chicken—juicy, flavorful, maybe with some crisp skin in the mix—is perfect sandwich fodder. You can't really beat fried chicken on a bun, but it's just as good grilled and stacked with avocado, roasted and slicked with fat...or, well, we'll let this list of chicken sandwich stars speak for itself. More

Sugar Rush: Brownies and Lemonade at The Smile To Go and Hampton Chutney Company

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

A good brownie and an ice cold lemonade are one of my favorite summertime dessert pairings, and there are two (hopefully more!) options I've found in Soho. More

Lunch Today: Rotisserie Chicken at The Smile To Go

Lunch Today Carey Jones Post a comment

Nothing wrong with sandwiches or a salad, but for days when you want a midday meal that feels substantial, the Rotisserie Chicken ($12) at The Smile To Go is a good bet. More

Lunch Today: The Smile To Go

Lunch Today Sarah Buchanan Post a comment

We've written about The Smile before, just close enough to the Serious Eats World Headquarters to merit a trip or two for a casual sandwich lunch. Naturally, when we heard the Bond Street restaurant was opening a take-away outpost right around the corner from our office on Howard Street, we just had to pop our heads in and say hello. More

A Sandwich A Day: Rosemary White Bean Spread at The Smile

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones Post a comment

Even to a bean-lover like myself, a white bean sandwich doesn't necessarily sound promising; you've got to dress up beans a lot before they're a strongly flavored filling. But that's just what The Smile does with their Rosemary White Bean Spread sandwich ($10.50). More

Daily Veg: Minted Sugar Snap Peas from The Smile

Carey Jones Post a comment

If you've ever wanted your sugar snap peas to taste more like potato chips, Minted Sugar Snap Peas ($6)* from The Smile are the snack for you. More

A Sandwich A Day: Harissa Honey Roasted Chicken at The Smile

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones Post a comment

"Roasted chicken breast" and "roasted red peppers" are usually two ingredients that, in the world of sandwiches, leave me cold. But the Harissa Honey Roasted Chicken breast ($11.50) at The Smile was a fine sandwich indeed. More

Kenji's 8 Best Bites in New York From 2011

J. Kenji López-Alt 4 comments

We've eaten at all sorts of excellent restaurants in the city this year, but what were the dishes that truly stood out? Here are my best bites of 2011. More

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Recent Sandwich Finds in NYC

The Serious Eats Team 7 comments

We write about a different sandwich every day on Serious Eats: New York. (And we eat even more than we write about!) But let's be honest: some sandwiches are much better than others. In our daily eating adventures, we come across plenty of good sandwiches, but just a few that are truly memorable. Here's a look at some of the sandwiches we're still dreaming about—our favorite recent finds in the city. More

Breakfast at The Smile

Breakfast Ashley Muir Bruhn Post a comment

The Smile could easily coast on artifice alone, but it doesn't need to: the breakfast menu is straightforward yet thoughtful--and overall delicious. More

The Brunch Dish: Smoked Salmon & Lemon Caper Cream Cheese from The Smile

The Brunch Dish J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

The nice thing about brunch at The Smile is that despite its prime NoHo location, it's still relatively under the radar—you won't have to fight through the hordes just to grab a seat for half an hour before the next reservation comes in to boot you. It's tough to explain why, because the food is excellent. Perhaps its the preponderance of skinny jeans, or maybe the restaurant is just a bit too far underground (in the literal sense)? More

A Sandwich A Day: Manouri Cheese & Fig at The Smile

A Sandwich a Day J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

It doesn't take much more than excellent bread, a few simple but high-quality ingredients, and a bit of thought to put together a world class sandwich. The Manaouri Cheese & Fig ($10.50) at The Smile—the NoHo tatoo-parlor/general store-cum-restaurant—has got all three. More

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