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8 Great NYC Haute Dogs Worth The Extra Dough

Gracie Dulik 12 comments

We've seen our fair share of fancified hot dogs in this city, and frankly a lot of them feature overwrought, baroque toppings with underwhelming sausages. But a few stand apart as well thought-out creations that do right by the noble tubesteak. Which dogs (and dog-like objects) live up to the hype (and are worth the extra cash)? We rounded up some of our favorites. More

Smorgasburg: Some Serious Food That Somehow Has Gone Unnoticed (Until Now)

Ed Levine 11 comments

Should I admit that I made my first visit to Williamsburg, Brooklyn's Saturday-only hipster artisanal food bazaar Smorgasburg this past Saturday? Ahh, why not. What did I find? Some insanely serious food that we haven't written about. Until now, that is. More

Heart of the House: Ben Turley, The Meat Hook

Helen Zhang 2 comments

There's no denying that knowing where your food comes from has inserted itself into today's culinary zeitgeist. But according to Ben Turley, one of the trio that opened The Meat Hook in Williamsburg, it's not just trendy to source meat locally; it's economically beneficial for farmers as well. We spoke with Ben over the butcher's block about their unique shop, the sudden popularity of his profession, and the ideal way to cook a sausage. More

Videos: Sausage Making at the Meat Hook in Brooklyn

Robyn Lee 10 comments

The Meat Hook in Brooklyn makes fresh sausages in "classic" and "trashy" flavors every weekday. See what goes on in the kitchen with butchers Brent Young and Ben Turley in the latest video from Food Curated. More

Cheeseburger Sausages from The Meat Hook

Joe DiStefano 3 comments

"It's total stoner food. We're actually seeing if 'High Times' wants to write about it." [Photos: Joe DiStefano] No sooner did Tom Mylan and Brent Young open the Meat Hook in Brooklyn than Mylan flooded my Facebook with tons of... More

Opening Soon: The Meat Hook at Brooklyn Kitchen

Chichi Wang 5 comments

"Large lambs almost a year old, half sides of pigs with their tails and kidneys intact, and dark-red, well aged beef." [Photos: Chichi Wang] Since its opening in 2006, The Brooklyn Kitchen has been offering classes in everything from pig... More

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