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Sugar Rush: Cardamom Cake at Taboonette

Sugar Rush Max Falkowitz 2 comments

Is there anything you can't do, Taboonette? Dessert now, too? You're too kind. More

14 Ways to Love Hummus and Tahini in NYC

Tiffany Tay 10 comments

We'll just come out and say it: we really love hummus. We have no problem with grabbing some pita and calling it dinner. And then there's tahini, the sesame paste that improves pretty much anything it touches. We love that too. More

Carey's Favorite New NYC Restaurants of 2012

Carey Jones 1 comment

You know a restaurant opening is an important one when, a few months later, you can't imagine New York without it. 2012, despite plenty of closures even before a catastrophic storm that crippled, closed, or delayed so many restaurants, was a fantastic year for eating in the city. Here are my favorites of the year: not just full-service restaurants, but the odd bakery, cocktail bar, and Mediterranean lunch joint thrown in for good measure. More

Erin's Best New York Bites of 2012

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Looking back on 2012, here are the bites and slurps I remember most fondly. From oysters to fried chickpeas to soba and uni, here we go... More

Max's Best New York Bites of 2012

Max Falkowitz Post a comment

This list isn't everything, but it is eighteen ways to answers to the question. From Flushing to Bay Ridge to the Lower East Side...and back to Flushing, here are the bites that made my year. More

30 NYC Sandwiches We Loved in 2012

The Serious Eats Team 3 comments

It's been a great year for sandwiches in this city. We found new loves in pastrami and patty melts. We celebrated grilled cheese in all its oozy forms. We even hacked a few sandwiches of our own. Here are 30 standout sandwiches we had this year. More

A Sandwich a Day: Salmon and Egg at Taboonette

A Sandwich a Day Dana Abu-Dayyeh 1 comment

Ever since our first visit to Union Square's Taboonette, we have been on an arguably obsessive mission to eat our way through the entire menu. This time, we tried their Salmon and Egg ($6.75). It might be listed as a breakfast sandwich but lucky for all of us, it is served all day. More

30 Great Vegetarian Sandwiches in NYC

Hally Wolhandler 14 comments

Vegetables can be incredibly tasty when done right, and yet when most people go out to eat, they tend not to order a vegetarian dish unless they're, well, a vegetarian. Here are 30 examples to make you reconsider. More

A Sandwich a Day: Calamari Pita at Taboonette

A Sandwich a Day Dana Abu-Dayyeh 2 comments

Taboonette's Calamari Pita is stuffed with sautéed calamari, tzaziki, chimichuri, hummus, olive oil, and a salad of cherry tomato, watercress, and arugula with herbs. The calamari is tender, not chewy at all. More

A Sandwich a Day: Kruveet Pita at Taboonette

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz Post a comment

Stuffed with roast cauliflower, meltingly soft eggplant, and lots of creamy hummus and tahini, this pita sandwich is something of a pillowy vegetable hug. More

17 Of Our Favorite Breakfast Sandwiches in NYC

Breakfast Hally Wolhandler 12 comments

What is it about breakfast sandwiches? Whether they feature melted cheese or a runny yolk, they're almost always oozing with warm and gooey yellow deliciousness. In our continued celebration of National Sandwich Month, here are 17 of our favorite breakfast sandwiches, each so good you'll be looking forward to your alarm going off in the morning. More

Staff Picks: New Sandwich Finds in NYC That Have Us Inspired

The Serious Eats Team 16 comments

We go through a lot of sandwiches in this city, from corner deli classics to highfalutin' double-digit price tag gourmet numbers. Some are good, some not so good, and some are great. And then there are the ones that make us remember just why we love sandwiches as much as we do—sandwiches that get us inspired. What recent sandwich finds are stuck in the crave centers of our brains? Take a look to find out. More

Taboonette in Union Square: Awesome Sandwiches and More

Carey Jones 4 comments

At first glance over the menu, I thought we'd write about a few sandwiches from Mediterranean/Middle Eastern sandwich shop Taboonette and leave it at that. But after tasting said sandwiches, we went back and ordered just about the whole menu. The takeaway? Union Square has an awesome new casual food option. More

A Sandwich a Day: Baked Salmon Pita at Taboonette

A Sandwich a Day Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

At Taboonette, the newly opened offshoot of Taboon in Hell's Kitchen, pita sandwiches are the focus of the menu. There are classic kebabs and chicken shawarma, but I'm partial to Baked Salmon ($8.75), a filling number that still manages to be light and fresh. More

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