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Ed Levine's Top 10 Super Bowl Snacks

I take my football almost as seriously as I take my food. And while this may not be the year for my beloved Giants, I'll still be tuning in to the game this weekend—with plenty of snacks on hand. Here's how I'd cater my dream Super Bowl party: the most snackable ham biscuits in the world, the best Super Bowl hero an eater could ask for, the ideal football-watching pizza, and more. More

Our Favorite Buffalo Wings in New York City

With the clock ticking down to the Super Bowl, we've got wings on the mind at Serious Eats. And while there are all sorts of great chicken wing specimens around the city, from Japanese-style to barbecue, this year we're focusing on the American classic: Buffalo-style wings. Deep-fried wings tossed in a mixture of hot sauce and butter are just what we're after. Where did we find the best? More

Rack and Soul: The Best Fried Chicken and Ribs in New York?

Last week I ordered some chicken and ribs from Rack & Soul, and both were delivered by Charles himself. I greeted Charles at the door: "You're Charles." "Yes, I am," he responded with a shy smile and nod. Inspired by the fine takeout food and seeing Charles again, I decided to go to the new Rack & Soul. Because if everything else was up to snuff, I knew I had hit the Super Bowl party food trifecta: Fried chicken, real smoked barbecued ribs, and fried shrimp with oyster po' boys. More

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