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Where to Get Buffalo Wings in NYC (A Wing Lover's Guide)

Ben Fishner 18 comments

Whether you're planning to watch the Super Bowl at a bar or you're looking for snacks to take home, here are eight bars and restaurants where you should get your wings—vetted by Serious Eats' resident wing lover. More

Ed Levine's Top 10 Super Bowl Snacks

Ed Levine 6 comments

I take my football almost as seriously as I take my food. And while this may not be the year for my beloved Giants, I'll still be tuning in to the game this weekend—with plenty of snacks on hand. Here's how I'd cater my dream Super Bowl party: the most snackable ham biscuits in the world, the best Super Bowl hero an eater could ask for, the ideal football-watching pizza, and more. More

Our Favorite Buffalo Wings in New York City

The Serious Eats Team 23 comments

With the clock ticking down to the Super Bowl, we've got wings on the mind at Serious Eats. And while there are all sorts of great chicken wing specimens around the city, from Japanese-style to barbecue, this year we're focusing on the American classic: Buffalo-style wings. Deep-fried wings tossed in a mixture of hot sauce and butter are just what we're after. Where did we find the best? More

Deal of the Super Bowl: Free Fried Chicken and Beer (!)

Carey Jones Post a comment

Perhaps the best deal in town. Old-school Fi-Di restaurant Delmonico's will have free buttermilk fried chicken, French fries, and Stella Artois from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, with service continuing through the end of the game. 56 Beaver... More

Super Bowl Giveaway: Pig Pickin' and Wings from RUB

Carey Jones Closed

[Photo: Robyn Lee] One New York spot we can wholeheartedly endorse for your Super Bowl takeout needs is RUB BBQ. We love the burnt ends, we love the smoked ribs—but we're really crazy about the whole pork butt. So,... More

Super Bowl Giveaway: Wings and More from Rack and Soul

Carey Jones Closed

[Photo: Robyn Lee] No football this Sunday? Put those game-watching hours into planning your Super Bowl menu. As you might imagine, we have a few ideas. For the chicken and ribs-lovers among you, there's nowhere better than the Upper... More

How Many Pounds of Chicken Wings Did New Yorkers Eat on Super Bowl Sunday?

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

Despite a supposed dip in chicken production nationwide, New York didn't seem to be in trouble on Super Bowl Sunday. Plenty of chicken wings were consumed; plenty of red-orange fingernails to prove it. Uh, 32,000 pounds of wings alone from Atomic Wings?! More

The Only Six-Foot Super Bowl Hero a New Yorker Needs

Ed Levine 11 comments

Attention, serious eaters who are partial to six-foot heroes for Super Bowl gatherings. Do not avail yourself of recent recommendations in New York Magazine, like Cabrito's Supersize Cemita for $180 or 'ino's vegetarian Pigskin Panino, which will run you... More

Where to Watch The Super Bowl for Really Cheap (Sometimes Free)

Linnea Covington Post a comment

It's time for Super Bowl XLIII noshing plans to begin. Lucky for all you sports fans, these fine establishments will keep your pints and plates full while the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals battle this Sunday. Manhattan Dewey's Flatiron:... More

Rack and Soul: The Best Fried Chicken and Ribs in New York?

Ed Levine 13 comments

Last week I ordered some chicken and ribs from Rack & Soul, and both were delivered by Charles himself. I greeted Charles at the door: "You're Charles." "Yes, I am," he responded with a shy smile and nod. Inspired by the fine takeout food and seeing Charles again, I decided to go to the new Rack & Soul. Because if everything else was up to snuff, I knew I had hit the Super Bowl party food trifecta: Fried chicken, real smoked barbecued ribs, and fried shrimp with oyster po' boys. More

Latecomers Can Forget Momofuku for Super Bowl Bo Ssam

Adam Kuban 6 comments

If you haven't already ordered a bo ssam for your Super Bowl party, don't bother. Zach Brooks forwards us this email from a Momofuku rep: "Apologies, but the Super Bowl Bo Ssam is sold out."... More

Seriously Delicious Super Bowl Party Giveaway: New York Exclusive La Frieda Black Label Burgers

The Serious Eats Team 19 comments

A Black Label burger at City Burger in Manhattan. We're already giving away five pounds of the storied La Freida's Black Label burgers on Serious Eats, but here's an exclusive chance just for New Yorkers to score some. The... More

Super Bowl Food Sources: Brooklyn

Ed Levine Post a comment

It's just about 1 PM, a little more than five hours before game-time, and even those Brooklynites who hate planning in advance finally have to confront the issue of what they're going to eat tonight as we root the Giants... More

Super Bowl Super Food Suggestions: Rest of Manhattan

Ed Levine 1 comment

More suggestions for delivered Super Bowl food: Pizza Suprema: fresh mozzarella pie, plain pie, upside-down Sicilian, regular Sicilian, Chelsea Daisy May's: barbecue, sweet potatoes (may be too late for delivery), Midtown West Tehuitzingo Deli and Grocery: Pipian Chicken, Midtown West... More

Super Bowl Super Food Possibilities: Upper East Side

Ed Levine Post a comment

The Upper East Side has a fine array of options for Super Bowl noshing: All places mentioned will deliver unless otherwise specified. Papaya King: slaw dogs rock! (No delivery) Pig Heaven: Excellent spare ribs, suckling pig, and egg rolls. Mimi's:... More

Super Bowl Super Food Possibilities: Upper West Side

Ed Levine 1 comment

It's not too late to get something good to eat while watching the Super Bowl. I think everyone should be eating delicious stuff while they watch the Super Bowl, especially because the Giants are playing in it this year. So... More

The Usual Mayors' Super Bowl Bet Seems One-Sided to Us

Ed Levine 15 comments

According to the New York Post and the New York Daily News, here's what is on the line in the annual mayors' Super Bowl Bet: If the Giants win, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg will receive 100 cups... More

Super Bowl Food Smackdown: Round 2

Ed Levine 3 comments

I couldn't resist. Boston Globe food editor Sheryl Julian asked me to write a piece for her paper explaining why New York food is so good and what I love about it. She had seen my post explaining New York's... More

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