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The Food Court at Fei Long Market in Brooklyn's Chinatown

Paul Yee 4 comments

While I can't say that the food court at Fei Long Market deserves a pin to merit its own excursion, it's certainly worth having on your radar. If you're shopping in the Fei Long market or passing through Brooklyn Chinatown when that irrational hunger hits, let it lead you to the food court. More

Dim Sum at Pacificana in Sunset Park: Dumplings With a Side of Glamor

Max Falkowitz 7 comments

The crowds form early for dim sum at this Sunset Park favorite. Follow them for some very good dumplings, prompt, agreeable service, and the kind of palatial ambiance that makes dim sum so much fun. More

Metro Cafe: Sichuan in Sunset Park (Hold the Pork)

The Vegetarian Option Lauren Rothman 2 comments

While tasty, the vegetable dishes at Metro Cafe lack the irresistible kick of peppercorns and hot chiles, and seem intended as a more neutral counterpoint to meat-heavy Suchuan classics such as mapo tofu, hot pot, and cumin lamb. More

TGI Fry-Day: Fried Mantou at Pacificana

TGI Fry-Day Max Falkowitz 6 comments

These fried buns at Sunset Park's most notable dim sum parlor walk the line between savory and sweet. More

Kofte Piyaz: Turkish Grill and Soothing Lentil Soup in Sunset Park

Max Falkowitz 2 comments

Kofte Piyaz is principally a Turkish meat house in Sunset Park that looks like a small diner. Gyros, sujuk (Turkish sausage), and meatballs (the namesake kofte) dominate the menu, but it's the Lentil Soup that has me thinking about the restaurant days after my meal. More

Slurped: The Rice Noodles at Yun Nan Flavour Snack

Chichi Wang 5 comments

Rice noodles are the mainstay of Yun Nan Flavour Snack in Brooklyn's Chinatown. Their menu is a pared-down affair. For some reason, items one through six are left blank, so the menu actually begins with number seven, their cold-dressed rice noodles. The rest of the menu comprises mostly those same rice noodles in various soups. More

Slurped: A Broth to Treasure at Mister Hotpot

Chichi Wang 5 comments

The are two broths at Mister Hotpot: a spicy one with lots of chili peppers, Sichuan peppercorns, what have you, and a not-spicy one. You can order one broth for your meal or split the pot and get both. While the spicy broth is perfectly fine, it's that non-spicy "special broth," made with pork bones and various spices—cinnamon, star anise, and a more esoteric Chinese spice called cai guo, that will outperform most. It is the most important thing about Mister Hotpot, this broth of theirs. More

Market Tours: Rossman Farms, a Wonderland of Cheap, Tasty Produce

Lauren Rothman 5 comments

Huddled under the BQE overpass, on a somber stretch of Third Avenue otherwise characterized by liquor shops and 24-hour "video" stores, is a breath of fresh air: Rossman Farms, a purveyor of a staggering variety of fruits and vegetables sold at jaw-droppingly low prices. More

Mexican Eats: Where to get your pan de muerto for Dia de los Muertos

Mexican Eats Scarlett Lindeman Post a comment

Celebrate Dias de los Muertos with pan de muerto, an eggy, yeasted sweet bread with a cross of bones baked on top, from Panaderia La Espiga Real. More

Mexican Eats: Tacos Matamoros II, The Sequel

Mexican Eats Scarlett Lindeman Post a comment

When Tacos Matamoros is too crowded, head south to the sequel: Tacos Matamoros II, for the same owners, the same menu, and the same delicious chalupas. More

Market Tours: House-Smoked Polish Kielbasa and 2,300 Beers at Eagle Provisions

Clara Inés Schuhmacher 4 comments

The sign crowning the awning of Eagle Provisions—whitewashed plywood with hand pained lettering in orange and black—seems like it's been there a long time. And it has: 34 years, an eternity in the gentrifying neighborhood south of Park Slope and north of Sunset Park. People come to Eagle Provisions for two reasons: its house-smoked kielbasa and its staggering selection of beer from around the world. More

Slurped: Rice Rolls at New Spring Garden

Chichi Wang 1 comment

I'm not shooting for the moon at dim sum. Is it fresh? It is piping-hot? Check? Check? Well, alright, then. The steamed rice rolls were the best of my recent meal at New Spring Garden, which serves a respectable dim sum, at times great. More

Mexican Eats: Esquites and Gorditas on the Street in Sunset Park

Mexican Eats Scarlett Lindeman 2 comments

The cart at 45th Street and 5th Avenue in Sunset Park may not have a name, but they do have a short and sweet menu of esquites, elotes, and gorditas, plus homemade juices and a green sauce that leaves you breathless. More

Mexican Eats: Atlixco Deli Grocery, The Kalustyan's of Mexican Ingredients

Mexican Eats Scarlett Lindeman 1 comment

These days, local tortillas, rounds of cotija cheese, and fresh serrano chiles are about as difficult to find in a supermarket as a box of Domino sugar. Neverthelss, as Mexican ingredients become more available, it can still be difficult to find the rare stuff. Enter Atlixco Deli Grocery, a grocery with two locations, one in Sunset Park and another in Jackson Heights, sprinting above and beyond in their selection of obscure Mexican goods. More

Mexican Eats: Solid Breakfast at Alimentos Saludables, Plus a Tamale Sandwich

Breakfast Scarlett Lindeman Post a comment

It may be small and scummy, but Alimentos Saludables, a tamale outpost in Sunset Park is serving the real deal: a true Mexican breakfast of champurrado, arroz con leche, and some of the best tamales in the city, if you catch them on a good day. Plus—a tamale sandwich! More

Mexican Eats: Taqueria La Paz Takes Over Beloved Xochimilco in Sunset Park

Scarlett Lindeman 1 comment

When Taqueria Xochimilco slipped away a month or so ago, I was crestfallen. Taqueria la Paz has opened in its place, with new owners, a different menu, and a cheery awning featuring a hard-shell taco wearing a mustache and a focus on breakfast classics. More

A Sunset Park Food Crawl: Beyond the Taco

Max Falkowitz 12 comments

There's a lot more to Sunset Park than just tacos; our crawl through the neighborhood made some surprising finds, including Ecuadorian shrimp ceviche and a breakfast torta that could stop a hangover dead in its tracks. More

Market Tours: Patel Grocery, a Treasure Trove of Indian Ingredients in Sunset Park

Lauren Rothman 3 comments

Ishwer Patel has owned this independent grocery in Sunset Park for 30 years. The welcoming staff, carefully curated stock, and ready to eat meals are all major draws of this Indian grocery, mere footsteps from the 53rd Street R train. More

Mexican Eats: Tacos Cachanilla in Sunset Park Just Gets it Right

Scarlett Lindeman 1 comment

Almost everything is well prepared at Tacos Cachanilla, a Sunset Park taqueria, from the handmade tortillas to the platters of barbacoa blanca to the freshly fried chile rellenos. And if you order wrong? The three house salsas and some excellent rice and beans will boost you in the right direction. More

Mexican Eats: Tripe Tacos at El Tenampa with JJ Goode

Scarlett Lindeman Post a comment

You'll find fewer taquerias at the North end of Sunset Park, or where ambitious real estate agents call South Slope. Up here there are more funeral halls, delis, and pizzerias than taquerias, but there is El Tenampa, a 4th Avenue grocery doing it all right. More

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