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Soutine Bakery is Closed (Say It Ain't So, Madge)

When I heard the news that Soutine, my favorite postage stamp-size bakery in the whole world, had closed its doors late last week, the news hit me like a pound of frozen French butter. From the day owner Madge Rosenberg and her late husband Barry opened the doors more than thirty years ago, I have been an all-too-steady-for-my-waistline's-good customer. Let me count the ways and the things that I will miss about my beloved Soutine. More

Sugar Rush: The Concord at Soutine

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Disks of chocolate meringue slathered in chocolate mousse. Everything crunches, and then melts into a decadent mass. Three layers of alternating meringue and mousse—dark, lush, and piled high. The top surface is finished with a... More

Why do most birthday cakes suck?

Why do most birthcake cakes suck? I'd really like to know. While everybody else is singing "Happy Birthday," I'm thinking about how that first forkful of cake is going to be dry, virtually tasteless, and inedibly sweet, with grainy icing.... More

Dessert review

So how were the desserts? Well, it was hard to judge the banana coconut cream pie from the Little Pie Company because my wife managed to flip the pie upside down as she carried it into our host's house. So... More

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