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Worldly Southern and Cheap Burgers at Marietta

Marietta is the latest Brooklyn-esque Southern restaurant from the people who brought us Peaches, the Smoke Joint, and Little Brother in and around Bed-Stuy. As with those places, the focus is on new (and not-so-new) takes on Southern classics, with nods to premium ingredients and reasonable pricing. You've heard this story before, but Marietta is one of the few restaurants of its kind where the ingredient-driven cooking actually pays off, and where the prices really are reasonable. More

Maysville: Destination-Worthy Sophisticated Southern Fare

Southern fare is nothing new to New York—over the last five-odd years, we've seen any number of barbecue joints, cheffy fried chicken spots, biscuit brunches. Several restaurants have taken more of a fine dining path, picking up no particular thread of regionality or foodstuff, but referencing approaches and ingredients from across the South, presenting a chef's own cuisine without ties to orthodoxy. And of these, I find Maysville—opened back in November on West 26th—far and away the best. More

The Vegetarian Option: Jacob's Pickles, House-Made Style on the Upper West Side

A restaurant that features house-made pickles, pours craft beer, and specializes in home-style Southern food seems tailor-made for Brooklyn, but it sticks out like a sore thumb on the Upper West Side. Yet that's exactly where you'll find Jacob's Pickles, and if the crowds were any indication on the night of my visit, the West Siders are clamoring for exactly this kind of thing. More

Gravy: A New Southern Spot Best Avoided

I take no pleasure in writing bad reviews; but nor do I take pleasure in laying down $40/head (and that's before $12 cocktails) for a meal that ranks somewhere between poor and abysmal. So this review is written in hope that you don't make the same mistakes we did at Gravy. Because there's really nothing to recommend... except that you avoid it. More

Piece of Chicken, a Dollar Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen

You order your food at a window fronting the Piece of Chicken kitchen. The menu is mostly soul food standards: fried chicken, ribs, smothered chicken, smothered pork chops, jerk chicken, fried whiting, fried catfish, and the usual sides of collard greens, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, green beans, mashed potatoes, and frozen french fries. In fairness I should report that plates like the smothered chicken and pork, and the fried fish, cost way more than two dollars. But the best things on the menu are a buck or two, which is really cool. More

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