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8 Light Lunches for Thanksgiving Eve

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

Here are eight light lunches for your Thanksgiving Eve consideration. (With some help from Kathy YL Chan's "Lunch for One" and our own "A Sandwich A Day.") More

Lunch for One: Soup, Soup, Soup at Columbine

Lunch for One Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

[Photo: Kathy Chan] We first brought you a post on Columbine back in the fall. A soup, sandwich and salad take-out shop in Tribeca. "Incredible" doesn't even begin to describe this place. Lines stream out the door during prime... More

Lunch for One: Columbine

Lunch for One Kathy YL Chan 5 comments

I recently starting working out of a different office, the new one, in Tribeca. Every morning I would get off the A train at Canal and walk past this corner shop that always, and I mean always, had a... More

Kefi at Lunch: An Oasis of Relative Calm and Inexpensive Greekish Deliciousness

Ed Levine 4 comments

A few weeks ago my wife met some friends for lunch at Kefi, and she reported that the restaurant at midday was an oasis of relative calm and serenity. Even more important, she raved about the food. More

Eating in with The Red Cat: Spicy Swiss Potato Soup

Kerry Saretsky Post a comment

Sometimes during the dead of a New York winter, stepping out into the freezing city air to venture to your neighborhood restaurant makes you think you might catch your death before you get there. That is when you need double-hot... More

The Farm on Adderley's Chilled Pea Soup with Maine Crab Salad

Lucy Baker Post a comment

I love chilled summer soups, but I get bored with most restaurant gazpachos since they tend to be watered-down and filled with lackluster vegetables like chopped white onions and green bell peppers. Recently, I had an absolutely amazing meal... More

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