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Smorgasbord: The Long Road to Recovery After Sandy

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Reports from Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and the South Street Seaport on the continuing struggle to recover from Sandy's wake. More

Smörgåsboard: Fried Anchovies, Slow-Cooked Skate, Chicken and Biscuit

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[Photo: blondieandbrownienyc] Fried anchovies from Bonchovie at Brooklyn Flea. "I now like anchovies thanks to Bonchovie." [Blondie and Brownie] The $24.07 lunch deal at Nougatine, which shares a kitchen with Jean-Georges. Calamari dusted with basil salt served with a... More

Smörgåsboard: Mac 'N' Cheese Pancake Pyramid; Pesto-Stuffed Burger

Erin Zimmer 3 comments

[Photograph: Blondie and Brownie] Shopsin's Mo' Jemima: a mac 'n' cheese pancake pyramid stuffed with bacon and perfectly poached eggs. Yeah, it's $21, but will also keep you full for at least five hours. [Blondie and Brownie] Beef Burger... More

Smörgåsboard: Pignoli Cookies, Chocolate Financiers

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[Photo: A Passion For Food] Golden Pignoli Cookies at Salumeria Rosi [A Passion For Food] Chocolate financiers from Colson Patisserie, sold at Nolita Mart, "were delicious" [Lunch Studio] Couscous royal with lamb at Marrakich [Eating In Translation]... More

Smörgåsboard: Ebelskivers, Hangover Pizza, Polish Candy

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[Photograph: Blondie and Brownie] Ebelskivers aka chocolate skivies from Shopsins. [Blondie and Brownie] Donatella's Hangover Pizza, part of the new brunch menu launching this weekend: buffalo mozzarella, sausage, basil, lardo, and a sunnyside-up egg. [Fork in the Road] Polish... More

Smörgåsboard: Raisin Buns, Fried Ricotta

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[Eating in Translation] An "eggy braided raisin bun" from Fuji Bakery & Cafe [Eating in Translation] Pakistani Tea House: "The flavors are more refined than the average taxi food stand." [Front Studio] Fried ricotta at Noodle Pudding: "The mix... More

Smörgåsboard: Pizzacones, Duck Noodles

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[Photo: Bionic Bites] Braised Beef Fillets and Napa Cabbage at Famous Sichuan: "Tender, and doused with a generous amount of chili oil and topped with lots fresh raw garlic." [Bionic Bites] K! Pizzacone: "Nothing like a traditional pizza crust.... More

Smörgåsboard: 'Pork Burger,' Black Chicken Soup

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[Eating In Translation] Red jujube black chicken soup at a Flushing soup stall [Eating In Translation] Crispy calamari at Kefi comes with "crispy lemon slices (battered bits of sunshine) and Greek yogurt for dipping." [Queenie Takes Manhattan] At Xi'an... More

Smörgåsboard: Sea Squirts, Pork Pappardelle

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[Photo: Bionic Bites] Sea squirts at Yuraku in Flushing: "The texture of raw oysters, but with a bit more chew... briney and delicious." [Bionic Bites ] Pork pappardelle at Resto: "A super soft, succulent mash on top of the... More

Smörgåsboard: Roasted Garlic Ramen, 'Lobster Monday'

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[ Food Mayhem ] Shio ramen (salt and roasted garlic) at Minca [Food Mayhem] Duck portobello gratinée at Graffiti: "Portobello serves as the base for the dish, cupping slices of tender duck breast... made crunchy with a breadcrumb ginger-garlic... More

Smörgåsboard: Eel Over Noodles, Pączki

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[Photograph: A Passion For Food] More love for the Oil-Poached Tuna Sandwich at The New French [A Passion For Food] Pączki from Peter Pan Bakery: "Soft yeast dough holding a good amount of sweet Bavarian cream, holy Moses!" [Blondie... More

Smörgåsboard: Gurka, Razor Clams

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[Front Studio] Chicken cutlet sandwich with fresh mozzarella and homemade roasted red peppers at Parisi Bakery [Front Studio] Gurka at Draft Barn: "Finely ground pork & pork liver, seasoned with a special blend of herbs & spices, mixed with... More

Smörgåsboard: Fried Whitebait, Duck Sandwich

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[Photo: Robyn Lee] Fried whitebait from East Harbor Seafood Palace: "The fish-based version of french fries." [TGWAE] Fried chicken from Choptank: Served "alongside an intriguing black pepper honey and sauteed collard greens." [Restaurant Girl] "Chubby Chinese Girl" special at Cer... More

Smörgåsboard: Beef Brains, Milanesa de Pollo

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[Flickr: wEnDaLicious] Beef brain with lemongrass from Minang Asli in Elmhurst [SE Flickr Pool] Hakata ramen from Menchanko-Tei: "pork bone broth topped with simmered pork slices, black mushrooms, red ginger, scallions and plenty of ultra-thin ramen noodles." [Midtown Lunch]... More

Smörgåsboard: Skyline Chili, Eritrean Beef Stew

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[Photo: Eating in Translation] Cheese pie from Arsi's Pateseria in Sunnyside: "The tangy stratum of feta, cut with ricotta to tame its saltiness, is moist, even weepy." [Eating in Translation] Eritrean beef stew from Tesfalum Kiflu's truck: "A dry-rub... More

Smörgåsboard: Loaded Baked Potatoes, Nutella Doughnuts

Carey Jones 1 comment

[Flickr: Harris Graber] Loaded baked potato at La Papa in Astoria [SE Flickr Pool] "Candied yams stood in for dessert" at Bed-Stuy's Royal Rib House, "even better than the crumbly blueberry cornbread." [Eating In Translation] Nutella doughnut holes at... More

Smörgåsboard: Stew Peas, Sea Urchin

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[Food In Mouth] Shrimp and grits from Stone Park Café [Food In Mouth] Chile en Nogada at Cafe el Portal: "I never knew that walnut sauce went well with pomegranate seeds and jablano chilies." [Front Studio] Stew peas at... More

Smörgåsboard: Nutella Cake, Spinach-Onion Pie

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[Photo: Eating In Translation] "A snugly sealed spinach-onion pie" from El Shater in Sunnyside "was wonderfully moist inside, with an elusive note of sweetness." [Eating In Translation] Lunch at Rye House: "I might just go back for the Pittsburgh... More

Smörgåsboard: Pork Hock, Mini-Dumplings

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[Photo: Bionic Bites] "Enhanced pork" with leeks and black beans from Lan Sheng: "The pork belly was crisp at the edges, but still soft throughout." [Bionic Bites ] Each potato crisp at Brooklyn Fare "is made with liquefied potato,... More

Smörgåsboard: Tea Sandwiches, Smashed Samosas

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[Photo: Eating In Translation] Italian combo from Torrisi Italian Specialties [Eating In Translation] Egg salad from Tea and Sympathy: "Those Brits sure know how to make a great tea sandwich." [Front Studio] Samosa with chickpeas at Punjabi Deli: "Smashed... More

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